How to Stay Healthy As the Days Get Warmer

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to start making better and more active decisions for yourself. The warm weather is an excellent climate to get outdoors and start experiencing more of what life has to offer. While there may be a lot of warm weather activities, it’s always important to choose the activities that will end up benefitting you in the long run. This article is going to go over a few ways and choices that you can use to improve your health over the warmer seasons.

Stress Less and Get a Little Dirty!

Use the warmer weather to your advantage. The sunshine provides an opportunity to let your hair down at your favorite lake, have fun with friends and family at a barbeque, or perhaps take a hike. The best way that we can start to improve our health at this time is to get a little dirt underneath our fingernails. Many home and property owners take this season to get all their outdoor projects done and off the checklist! If you have had an idea for a renovation to your home or yard, this is the perfect time to do it. The Spring and Summer give us great working temperatures, which help us last longer when we work outside. It also offers us more sunshine throughout the day to help us catch up on outside activities. Taking advantage of the season to get your projects around the house and yard done is the best way to prepare for the rest of the year, including winter. Being driven and creative in the warmer season helps a lot of people get through the colder months and the rest of the year. Not only does it help us pass the time, but it also helps us get the blood pumping because of all the activity that you are going to be doing.


Many events go on during the warmer months, and the climate allows for much more flexibility in how long you can be out before you become tired or it gets dark. There are many ways that exercise can keep us healthy in the warmer seasons but also some points that we need to be aware of: since the summer months are hotter than the other seasons, it can be a good idea to scale back the intensity of your workout. Heat and humidity raise your heart rate, and your body has a more challenging time dissipating the extra heat. Make sure that you acclimate yourself to the new climate appropriately before getting to your workout. Getting your body used to a new temperature range can take 10-14 days. If you try to go full force right out of the gate, you are more prone to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. The most important way to keep your body ready for work is to drink water. During these months, your body tends to lose more water than usual. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated and double your regular water intake.


While it is vital to ensure that you are sticking to your usual physical workout routine, it is also important to keep your stress levels low. Socializing can be more accessible during this time because there is so much more to do than in the colder months. This time of year, farmers markets start up again and gives us a great opportunity to get out an socialize, while supporting your local community, which us here at Putnam Valley Internal Medicine love! Doing this gives you time to relax and truly let yourself enjoy some of the fun outdoor activities as they happen throughout the season. These activities can be an excellent tool for happiness and help you get through the week more easily. Getting out and jumping into these activities could help you reconnect with your people and possibly create friendships and relationships with others that you may not have in the past.

Take Care of Your Feet!

Your feet can be your most valuable asset when it comes to warm weather. Most people spend their summers walking through a park, mowing the lawn, and more! The warm seasons revolve around being able to stand and get around quickly on your feet. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to start the summer off with a great pair of shoes that offer support where it is needed so that your feet do not begin to ache quickly. If you can take care of your feet, getting through these months is a breeze. Your feet will allow you to make the most of your spring and summer months and make it easier to get out and get more done!

Spring and summer bring sunshine into our lives, and we are so excited to get out and continue working through life as healthy as we can. What’s your favorite thing to do to stay healthy in these warm months? We love getting to start our gardens!

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