What is National Bubble Bath Day Really Saying to You?

You’re scrolling through social media, seeing the memes about National Bubble Bath Day, and think “Awesome! I’ll be sure to take a bubble bath tonight! That sounds really nice.”

But the truth is, you likely will not…

With Covid-19, killer bees, BLM, and the elections, your 2020 world became a lot to handle and is quickly bleeding into your new year. You have had little or no time to focus on the most important person, you. Let’s face it, self-care pretty much became nonexistent when the stress, fear, and worry came into your life and never left. On top of those, you may have kids trying to keep up with online school, you may be working from home and trying to maintain that work-life balance, or you may be unemployed and trying to figure out what exactly you are going to do next. When all these things start to pile on top of each other, suddenly you’re overwhelmed and not sure of the best ways to process life’s daily stressors.

So, let’s change the meaning behind National Bubble Bath Day this year. Let it be a reminder that you need to focus on your self-care, mental, and physical health again. Instead of “I meant to take a bubble bath today, but ran out of time,” change it to “I needed to spend 30-minutes relaxing by myself today, so I made time to take a bubble bath.”

Maybe a bubble bath isn’t really your cup of tea. That’s okay! The message to take away from this day is to find something that makes you happy and do it! Let yourself relax a little and stop stressing about what is going to happen next.

How is stress affecting my health?

You may not realize, but stress can have a huge effect on both your mental and physical health. Not only can it lead to depression and anxiety disorders, but it can also contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Okay, I know – that list didn’t exactly make you stress less but staying in the know about the worst-case scenario can motivate you to actually do something about your stress levels.

Finding something that will help reduce your stress likely has other health benefits as well when kept in moderation. Finding those silver linings will help you feel less guilty about taking a little time to yourself, and you will actually be able to enjoy it more.

Bubble baths, for example, are a great way to reduce inflammation in your body, lower pain, and clear out your nasal passages and congestion. Plus, some research has shown that submerging yourself in warm water can help boost your immune system! The bubbles help keep the water warm a little bit longer by creating a bubble wall on the surface.

Now that goes with saying you need to keep it in moderation. Staying in the tub for too long or taking a hot bubble bath every day will not be good for your health. Let the bubble bath be the gateway back into self-care. Maybe tomorrow, you’ll go for a walk to get some fresh air. Each time you pick something, let it get slightly bigger and test out different activities to see what you really like.

Asking for help.

Asking for help usually feels like a big step, and often you talk yourself out of it. In reality, you should be taking advantage of what is available to you much more often. Schedule a check-in with your doctor to go over your health and how you have been feeling. Don’t wait until there is a serious health issue that needs to be helped. Try getting ahead of your health with preventative check-ins to see how you are doing and what could be better.

Your doctor will either give you tips to try out, refer you to a specialist to provide you with more specialized care, or confirm you are doing a great job! No matter what path it is, it is a step in the right direction.

Make 2021 a better year than last year by making you and your self-care a high priority! Ready to schedule an appointment with a doctor? Perfect! At Putnam Valley Internal Medicine, we have a team who is already excited to jump in to help!

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