Generic Vs. Brand-Name Prescriptions

There are questions of how Generic and name-brand medications differ. While there are some differences between the two, they are more alike. The market for medication, like other markets can be expensive. There are less expensive generic brands along with brand names that are more expensive. Generic medicines imitate the brand name medications. Off-brand companies use the same ingredients and dosages. Their products may also have the same side effects and risks. Educating yourself on your medications is important for starting a new medication.

Generic & Name-Brand Are Almost the Same

Generic drugs are close the same as their brand-name counterparts. They share similar ingredients but must also meet the same guidelines. The FDA has guidelines that both generic and name-brand companies must meet. These guidelines are used to ensure the public that these drugs are as safe and effective name-brand medication.

The FDA requires that both medications share the same active ingredient. In addition to the active ingredient, the medicines must also share the same strength. Usage, effect, and test results must also be similar. The generic form of the drug must have the same use as the name-brand with the same effective treatment. Generic medication must achieve the same saturation into the bloodstream as the name-brand medication. These strict guidelines put in place by the FDA ensure that patients receive the same treatment. No matter which version of the drug they decide to take.

How Generic and Brand Name Different?

Generic medications usually sell at a lower price. When the development of a new medication takes place, it is carried out by a name brand company. They pay for the upfront cost of research and development. The name brand company also pays for large-scale drug testing. They also pay for marketing, advertising, and distribution. These steps have to be complete for the drug to become available for the public. The name brand company charges more for their product to offset the cost of development.

Generic drug companies do not have the same costs as a name-brand company. The generic companies do not pay for research or development. They also do not pay for testing, marketing or advertising. These manufacturers pay lower costs to create their product and distribution. Since they do not have the same high, upfront costs, they can offer their medications at a lower price. This is why the price difference between medications is so large.

Why Are They Priced Differently?

Brand name companies develop and test their own products, therefore, they cost more when purchasing. Generic companies do not have to go pay for development. They do not have to go through these steps. This allows them to offer the drug at a much lower price. Aside from the difference in upfront costs, there may not be many differences. Some medications may be the same, however, they feature a difference in appearance. The difference is shown in color or shape. Generic and name-brand medications are almost exactly alike in all aspects of treatment.

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