Energy Drinks & How They Affect Our Bodies

Energy Drinks have become an increasingly popular caffeine delivery system for the youth of today. Many people will consume 2-3 cans of an energy drink per day to supplement their intake of coffee. These users and try to gain energy for the days or activities that lay ahead. Many do not look at the nutritional facts of the beverages that they are consuming. They also do not think about the risk factors involved with high levels of consumption. Many users have overlooked the effects that these types of drinks have on the body.

Headaches and Migraines

When and if you consume too many energy drinks, it can lead to moderate and severe headaches. These headaches and migraines make it hard to get through the day without pain. The different brands of energy drinks available have variable amounts of caffeine in them. Varying your caffeine intake throughout different days can lead to headaches. Altering your intake may force your body to function on varying levels of caffeine. This can make it difficult for your body to function normally without physical consequences.


The different energy drinks that are available on the market today are thought to cause anxiety in some of their consumers. Our adenosine receptors are prone to feeling increased anxiety after consuming caffeinated beverages. Coffee drinkers are prone to the same effects, but they are not as prevalent in coffee drinkers, as they are in those that consume energy drinks. Larger doses of caffeine can also be a trigger for full-blown panic attacks. While anxiety is a scary effect that energy drinks can have. Energy drinks can also promote insomnia.


Insomnia is common in those that consume high levels of caffeine throughout the day. Energy drinks do an excellent job of keeping their drinkers awake when they need the extra boost. If your pick-me-up of choice does not help you stay awake, you may begin to think about having a second or third drink. However, there are other consequences to think about. Consuming too many energy drinks can lead to a lack of sleep and insomnia that causes impaired function. This can make it more difficult to complete everyday tasks such as driving or other concentration heavy tasks.


One of the most common concerns with Energy drinks can be an addiction. An addiction to energy drinks can lead to their users becoming addicted to caffeine. This addiction can form without users even being aware of it. This addiction can lead to a lack of function when these drinks are unavailable, and may also become a financial burden to consumers. Several energy drinks a day can cost upward of $10.00 to $15.00 a day and only goes up from there in relation to how many you purchase every day. There are, of course, more severe complications that can come about from the consumption of various energy drinks.

High Blood Pressure & Cardiac Arrest

There have been many studies that can link caffeinated energy drinks to those who exhibit the symptoms of high blood pressure. Drinking and consuming large amounts of caffeine can lead to complications with high blood pressure, and many users would not notice the difference because it would become degenerative and get worse without a person noticing. High-Blood pressure has been linked to severe medical emergencies such as Stroke, Blood Clots, narrowed arteries, and even lead to damage to the Heart. These drinks deliver more caffeine than people think. An overdose of this caffeine can lead to heart problems, including Cardiac Arrest. Studies have shown that Energy Dinks increase a person’s heart rate within minutes. A 2018 study showed that only 90 minutes after consuming a 24-oz energy drink, the inner diameter of arteries was cut in half, and the level of sugar and caffeine was severely elevated in the blood.


Finding and having an energy drink is not always the answer when you are feeling tired however, there are other ways to help spruce your body up and begin to feel more energetic throughout the day. Drinking water is an excellent alternative to water. It does not have added sugars and is proven to have numerous health benefits. There are so many possible risks that it is always better to stick to other alternatives that you have found that work for you. While other options are always encouraged, if you must consume energy drinks, it is essential that you do so safely. You can click here to go to the caffeine calculator. The caffeine calculator takes your drink of choice into thought and shows you how much of that drink is safe to consume and shows when you could be in dangerous territory regarding their consumption.

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