3 Healthy Superfoods to Build Your Brain Power!

Healthy Superfoods to Build Your Brain Power

Think about what you are eating in your daily life that is healthy. All too often, adults are not consuming the fuel they need to have a healthy functioning mind and body. Our bodies are craving delicious and nutritious foods. Too much-processed food and sugar can lead to serious health problems in the long run, but they are also impacting your day to day routines! Here are some of my favorite superfoods that are great for your body, helps boost brain power, and delicious! 


These little fruits are high for antioxidants and have been linked to improving brain memory and learning capabilities! They have many benefits to the brain by improving cognitive functions and the body by supplying essential phytochemicals. Fresh blueberries are easy to find and sweet, plus they are easy to add to your meals! In the morning, you can eat them with yogurt or in a protein shake. For lunch, they are high on salads or crackers and cheese! You can easily pack some as a quick snack or even infuse them into your water! 

Dark Chocolate

Yes, chocolate! In healthy moderation, dark chocolate contains a super antioxidant, cacao. It’s been suggested that cacao helps blood vessel growth within the brain and stimulates blood flow in the brain. Both could result in retaining memories and quicker learning. Dark chocolate is bitter to most, but you can add a little cacao in your meals by either buying whole dark chocolate or cacao powder. Dark chocolate squares are an easy snack to store in your desk or lunch box. Cacao powder can be added to protein shakes, baking recipes, or oatmeal! 


There is right/healthy fat, and then there is bad/unhealthy fat. Avocados luckily fall under that good fat category! Your body processes avocado for potassium and vitamin B, but this superfood holds just about every mineral the human body may need. Fueling your brain with avocados helps boost memory and concentration! Avocado can be used in meals in a various amount of ways. You can keep the avocado as is on chicken, salads, eggs, and more. Or mix it with other veggies to make guacamole! Either way, this is a superfood to have in your diet every week. 

The bottom line is that healthier food will ultimately bring more benefits than process loaded options. Keep in mind that the best foods for your body come in fresh for markets. Buying fresh produce ensures you are getting all the nutrients they hold without any added preservatives or sugars. Another hint is to keep your food colorful! Your plate should have three to four different colors every time you have a meal. The brighter the food, the better the food. Think of the color of a deep-fried potato chip… it’s not very eye-catching. Now, think of the colors of sweet potatoes, eggplants, carrots, blueberries, etc. Incorporate a wide range of colors for a good rule of thumb!

Incorporate Healthy Superfoods In to Your Diet

You do not need to make drastic cuts to your diet. All things you consumer can be used for fuel, but moderation is key. If you love chips—add substitute guacamole for your dip. If you like pancakes for breakfast—add some blueberries to the batter or on top. Feeding your body is essential and more comfortable to make little changes in your diet than drastic ones that are hard to stay accountable. Superfoods can also contribute to weight loss and the maintenance of healthy weight. Read our article about maintaining a healthy weight here.

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